Mental  Illusions

Ihre Gedanken sind mein Spielplatz!

What to expect!

"Mental Hopping"  (Table-hopping, > 30 min, depending on table count)
Mental effects on the run!
Wolfgang's collection of mental effects are optimized for table hopping, especially for your private or corporate event

"Mental Illusions"  (Close-up, 30-60 min)
Can your thoughts be controlled? How strong is your imagination? What is the human mind able to achieve?
Figure it out with Mental Illusions. Test your perception and the power of your mind!

"A Short Story Of Mental Magic"  (Close-up, max. 45 min)
What does mental magic mean? In which way does it work? What different types are there?
Visit the world of mental magic with this short program. You will decide, which mental discipline you want to fathom.